Making Technical Information a competitive advantage

Over the last 20 years, we have consistently found that inadequate Technical Vendor Information and related procedures are causing project delays, including needless efforts and costs related to provision of your services like engineering, procurement, fabrication, commissioning, maintenance and operations. In a cost focused market this will have impact on your competitive position and profitability. To significantly improve the handling of Technical Vendor Information and related procedures we have developed SHAREcat, a unique cloud based Solution to support the services you provide to develop, operate, maintain and change your customer’s Assets. SHAREcat has the ability to gather, validate and deliver all technical data and documents, making the required information available where and when needed. It is implemented with minimal impact on existing work processes and without replacing existing IT systems.


The Technical Information being developed in early stages of a project, comes from many sources outside your own organization including demanding customers and potential fellow contractors. This can result in significant document management overheads, long review processes and cumbersome delivery processes.

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Procure and Construct

Procurement and Construction phases include a very complex supply chain. It can include a large number of companies, equipment from 500-1000 manufacturers and thousands of people involved in the information management processes. Traditionally information management is document centric, while many of the processes and systems used during this phase require data to deliver their results. Information is often duplicated within and across work scopes, which can delay vital deliveries and increase cost.

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Providing services for Commissioning is a very critical project phase, when customer’s assets are tested and approved for production. Very often information for Operations-, Installation and Maintenance Instructions as well as spare part information are late or missing. This information is key for successful commissioning. Searching for and expediting information by the commissioning team holds up work vital to preparation, commissioning and start up procedures, as well as commissioning itself. A serious impact are resulting delays and significant extra cost which may lead to penalties or missing milestone bonuses.

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Hand over

Experience shows that your customer’s projects are very focused on the project needs, costs and schedule. This means you must focus on the prioritisation of the information needed for the project. Information required for operations have “second priority”. This typically leads to a significant effort to collect missing information as well as restructuring the project information to meet the requirements and needs from operational teams. The effort to do this represents a significant cost and will put project schedules at risk as production cannot start with major gaps in the information for operations. The impact for you can be cost overrun- and schedule penalties.

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Operate and maintain

Oil and Gas Industry assets are operated for periods of 30-40 years. In providing services to operations and maintenance your people can spend needless effort and time searching for information they need to complete day to day tasks.. This can put your deliverables and the operation of the asset at risk and can have significant cost implications.

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Providing services for modifications and turnaround projects for your customers is normally good, long term business. Some of the challenges encountered are short schedules for delivery, demanding information requirements from the customer and missing information about your customer’s assets.

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In providing decommissioning services, you face challenges in terms of regulations, planning and execution. The combination of old, poorly documented assets and a large number of documents to be processed lead to project delays and unnecessary and high costs.

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