Providing services for Commissioning is a very critical project phase, when customer’s assets are tested and approved for production. Very often information for Operations-, Installation and Maintenance Instructions as well as spare part information are late or missing. This information is key for successful commissioning. Searching for and expediting information by the commissioning team holds up work vital to preparation, commissioning and start up procedures, as well as commissioning itself. A serious impact are resulting delays and significant extra cost which may lead to penalties or missing milestone bonuses.

By using SHAREcat, all required information is being collected, built and made available dynamically in the earlier stages of a project. The information sits in a shared environment and any gaps in the required information will be identified and reported on which allows actions to be taken in time. With the required information available, Commissioning can be performed cost efficiently on schedule which improves your competitive position, profitability and results in happy customers.