Hand over

Experience shows that your customer’s projects are very focused on the project needs, costs and schedule. This means you must focus on the prioritisation of the information needed for the project. Information required for operations have “second priority”. This typically leads to a significant effort to collect missing information as well as restructuring the project information to meet the requirements and needs from operational teams. The effort to do this represents a significant cost and will put project schedules at risk as production cannot start with major gaps in the information for operations. The impact for you can be cost overrun- and schedule penalties.

SHAREcat is built to support both project and operational needs. When configured it provides a shared environment to gather, validate and deliver information in formats and structures required by both the Greenfield project and operational teams. SHAREcat will enable direct and dynamic hand over to operations and will reduce the traditional hand-over cost and schedule significantly, allowing you to increase your competitive position, meet budgets and schedules and result in a happy customer If you are providing services for production and maintenance planning SHAREcat will provide the information required by operations, built dynamically through the project, allowing services to commence earlier delivered on schedule and at cost.