Procure and Construct

Procurement and Construction phases include a very complex supply chain. It can include a large number of companies, equipment from 500-1000 manufacturers and thousands of people involved in the information management processes. Traditionally information management is document centric, while many of the processes and systems used during this phase require data to deliver their results. Information is often duplicated within and across work scopes, which can delay vital deliveries and increase cost.

SHAREcat is designed to manage information gathering in a complex supply chain, managing the verification of document meta data, and driving defined review processes. SHAREcat provides a structure making it easier to control the status of information gathering and review processes. Smart functions that automatically validate document meta data and data passing through automated processes improve schedule, efficiency and quality. SHAREcat manages distribution of specifications against your original scope to suppliers and simplifies the process of controlling scope and scope changes. SHAREcat has contributed to major reductions of document management spendings in many projects. It gives visibility and control over information deliveries and enables a pro-active approach to avoid schedule delays and late deliveries