In the early stages of a project, information is a deliverable. Securing the required quality, cost and schedule for the delivery of accurate information and the ability to reuse this information “as is” for later stages of the project and other projects, can be a challenge.

SHAREcat provides you with one shared solution for your team(s) from the inception of your project so that all initial documentation and information is captured from the very start. All added documentation and information will grow in a controllable and consistent way according to your guidelines and requirements. Creating a structure and system for the capture of information at an early stage will prevent loss of control and reduce costs significantly later in the project. SHAREcat reduces overhead for all participants, speeds up review processes, and gives you full control and visibility of progress. Any new participants as the project evolves are dynamically added to the shared solution. If you change contractors in future phases of your projects, only role changes are required. All information sits in the shared solution ready to use.