Operate and maintain

The Operations phase is the longest phase of an asset’s life. One of the biggest challenges is to operate and maintain a safe environment in a cost-effective manner. In order to do this it is essential to have easy access to reliable information about installed equipment and spare parts, their physical location, and where and how to replace the equipment.

Unfortunately, insufficient knowledge of the physical plant information is more the rule than the exception causing procurement, operational and maintenance inefficiencies. This becomes prohibitory to achieving business efficiency and economies of scale for multiple assets.

SHAREcat will put you in control and enable you to reduce your asset operations and maintenance cost significantly. It will ensure unique and correct identification of all your items on the physical asset or plant and efficiently hold replacements or spare parts in stock.

This knowledge of exactly “what is where” provided by SHAREcat leads to right first time procurement for single and multiple facilities, lean inventories and better, faster, and safer operations and maintenance.