Procure and Construct

The procurement and construction phases of an asset development generates around 70% of the total number of documents in a development project. Information originates from multiple contractors and suppliers. You as an Operator do not typically review all this information, but controlling the progress and quality of the information through these phases is critical as the information created is key for the following phases; construction, commissioning, maintenance planning and operations. Deviations from specifications in information gathered during procurement will influence quality, cost and scheduling in a negative way.

SHAREcat is designed to manage information from multiple contractors and suppliers from a single solution. It makes it easy to control the overall and true status of information gathering and review processes. Smart functions that automatically validate document meta data and data passing through automated processes improve scheduling, efficiency and quality. SHAREcat manages the distribution of specifications against an original contractor scope which simplifies the process of controlling scope and scope changes. SHAREcat has contributed to major reduction of document management spending in many projects. It gives visibility and control over information deliveries and enables a pro-active approach to avoid delays of critical required deliveries.