Vendor Information Gathering

Managing vendor information gathering processes can be very complicated even if the best tools and processes are utilized, which is typically not the case. Often work is performed in the same way that it always has been. Processes are document-centric and involve an unreasonably high volume of information transfers/handovers through the full supply chain. This can lead to processes being vulnerable and time-consuming.

The challenges are the same for maintenance and modifications of existing assets. The information volume at any given time is obviously lower, but the organization that is made available to handle this volume is relatively much smaller than the size of organization allocated for the development phase. A typical asset issues 50 to 200 purchase orders per year that involves information gathering processes. Focus is much more oriented towards tags, which requires information gathering processes to include this dimension.

In SHAREcat, all information requirements are easily established and everybody across the supply chain can view their scope of delivery by just opening a “to do” list. The process of delivering information has been made as simple as possible. All data and documents are available from a single source which makes it possible to follow the actual progress as it develops. Manual information transfers/handovers are typically reduced by 75% to 80%. Experience shows that document management activities can be reduced by up to 50% by introducing a common working environment across the supply chain.