Vendor Information Verification

Validation of vendor information consists of metadata validation and validation of data held within documents and drawings. Validation of metadata is typically a manual process where document controllers perform a physical verification of information that comes from the supply chain. Validation of data within documents/drawings is also very often based on an initial visual review performed by engineers, followed by loading into internal engineering systems for a more methodical verification long after the close-out of the document verification process. This process is unnecessarily time-consuming, and can result in design holds and delays during construction and commissioning, which again can affect a final delivery date.

SHAREcat provides intelligent mechanisms that can validate metadata related to documents as they are being gathered. Tags and their data can also be extracted from documents and validated as they are being delivered. The system will produce comments into the defined workflow for each document. This makes it easier to identify any errors or discrepancies as the information is being reviewed. The system contributes to higher information quality, timely delivery of information and reduced cost related to information gathering. Time spent by engineers during vendor document review can typically be reduced by 2 hours per tag.