Workflow Management

Vendor documents will go through fairly extensive review processes, involving hundreds of people in development projects. The amount of documents/revisions in a project range from 30.000 to 150.000. Each of them will be reviewed by 5 to 10 people. This results in a very high volume of transactions that needs to be managed—all within a 10 working-day turnaround. It is very easy to lose track of either processes that are stuck or resubmission by vendor when documents are not accepted.

The dynamic workflow engine in SHAREcat allows any party to be involved in a managed and controlled manner. Any work process can be set up and managed. Establishing workflows are easily done from traditional distribution matrixes which are imported directly into SHAREcat. The system is designed to push information through established workflows and support monitoring/highlighting of issues when they occur. This means that processes can be managed proactively at a significantly lower cost.