SHAREcat Materials & Assets

Insufficient knowledge of a physical asset (such as its components and their location, or the information and bill of materials) causes inefficiencies in operations, maintenance and procurement. In addition it can lead to extensive inventories. This problem arises from poor processes and procedures related to capturing this information from the supply chain. The result? Capital is tied up in duplicate or unnecessary inventory, procurement and operations, and maintenance is inefficient.

SHAREcat Materials & Assets provides processes to collect, aggregate, match, consolidate, quality assure and deliver such plant data to our customers’ IT systems. The product comprises three main features: cataloging, cleansing, and asset improvement—provided in combination or separately.

SHAREcat Materials & Assets offers customers asset performance improvements including “right first time” procurement for single and multiple facilities. Significant cost reductions come from a lean inventory and better, faster, safer operations and maintenance, thanks to the improved asset knowledge. Procurement processes are improved by up to 90%, virtually eliminating incorrect materials purchasing and inventory capital spent is reduced by 15% to 20%.



Cataloging combines our expertise built over 20 years to effectively manage large and complex amounts of material master information using SHAREcat methodologies and skilled personnel.

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Cleansing is a three-step process using SHAREcat to improve our customers’ material master information. The first step is an initial analysis of existing information to identify discrepancies and recommend a cleansing process.

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Asset Improvement

Like cleansing, asset improvement is a three-step process, but focuses on improving the documentation linked to assets via tags. The objective for asset improvement is to establish right and required documentation to the tags in scope.

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Reusable equipment and spare part information

SHAREcat contains a catalog of reusable equipment and spare information standardized by a well-defined and rich classification scheme. Each item in the catalog has a unique and global identifier for the given item to allow reuse across companies, assets and projects using this particular item.

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