Asset Improvement

Like cleansing, asset improvement is a three-step process, but focuses on improving the documentation linked to assets via tags. The objective for asset improvement is to establish right and required documentation to the tags in scope.

The initial step is an analysis across all systems containing technical documentation required for the assets/tags in scope, with the objective to give a status of the existing documentation.

The second step comprises of agreeing with the customer the requirements for tags in scope and then mapping the findings from the analysis against the agreed requirements to identify gaps.

The gap analysis will be the foundation for the third step which is to “fill the gaps” by performing an enhancement process using SHAREcat and our subject matter experts to search for and identify documentation sources, be it in digital or in physical formats. Once the documentation agreed for the asset/scope is established and verified with our customer, the improved documentation will be transferred from SHAREcat to the customer’s appointed systems. SHAREcat may also be used for holding some or all of this documentation if feasible.