Sharecat allows the client to establish their own information structures to present their information as required by project or asset. Information is established once, and will be made available where it is needed related to information structure, process or phase. This removes the need for re-entering information and introducing errors during processes.

Product Catalogue

Sharecat is a global product catalogue that is updated on a continuous basis with manufacturers, product numbering, data templates and documentation. It contains product information captured over an 18 year period including products no longer in production, but still installed at thousands of assets. Companies can choose to be part of this shared catalogue by providing and getting information, but still being able to manage their special requirements. Alternatively private catalogues can be established for companies. These collect information from the global catalogue but do not share information they themselves bring in to this private catalogue. Regions/countries may have (or want to have) unified and special requirements for their local industry with the purpose to improve quality and efficiency. Such catalogues can also be set up. EqHub is an example used by the Norwegian oil and gas industry.

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Capture and Collaboration

Sharecat provides a web-based solution for information capture in projects. The solution has been used in multiple global locations and allows all participants within and across organisations to collaborate in one common arena. This speeds up the information handling substantially, and provides great visibility and control for project management. The solution is designed in close cooperation with major contractors and operators and is easy to use.

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Many operators experience that a lack of information challenge the ability to run their asset efficiently. Most operators also experience how tough it can be, to fill the information gaps. Sharecat offers a program that deals with this problem. It captures all available information from various systems (including paper based archives) and makes it available in a structured way. This also prepares the ground for the powerful auto recognition features in the system, to bring validated information from the catalogue to fill missing gaps.

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Technology and Integration

Over the years, Sharecat has developed interfaces to the most popular systems in our industry. The integration varies per customer, but through all these integrations, a best practise has evolved. Our solution is highly flexible, due to the way we store data, and mass updates are easy to do if there is a need for a new structure.

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