Capture and Collaboration

Sharecat provides a web-based solution for information capture in projects. The solution has been used in multiple global locations and allows all participants within and across organisations to collaborate in one common arena. This speeds up the information handling substantially, and provides great visibility and control for project management. The solution is designed in close cooperation with major contractors and operators and is easy to use.


Information Gathering is a complex task for any asset in the oil and gas industry, and it involves many people across many organizations. In Sharecat all information requirements are easily established, and everybody can view their scope of delivery by just opening their Todo list. The process of delivering information has been made as simple as possible. All data and documents are available from a single source which makes it possible to follow the actual progress as it develops.



The information volume related to assets, regardless of phase in lifetime, is enormous. Sharecat provides intelligent mechanisms that can validate metadata related to this information as it is being gathered. Data can also be extracted from documents and validated as they are being delivered. The system will produce comments into the defined workflow for each document. This makes it easier to identify any errors or discrepancies as the information is being reviewed. When utilized this contributes to higher information quality, timely delivery of information and reduced cost related to information gathering.



In any project there are multiple parties involved within an organisation as well as across organisations. The dynamic workflow engine in Sharecat allow any party to be involved in a managed and controlled manner. Any work process can be set-up and managed, and made more efficient through automation of tasks where that is beneficial. This would typically be through automated verification of information that flows in an information process.



Equally applicable to massive global projects or the smallest modification purchase order, Sharecat provides the important techniques for gathering, verifying, approving and delivering high quality document content into both ERP and data warehouse systems. It solves the problems of managing all required and agreed information deliveries, and accelerates its submission and project approval through to satisfactory project close-out.


Tag data

Working with global operators and contractors, through many years supporting capture, validation, verification, approval and reporting processes on tags and their data, Sharecat has turned this experience into a powerful set of tools that will assist in Tag Data Management through all phases of a project. It includes the single source tag management and management of all functional and physical tag data.


Management Reporting

Sharecat reporting empowers everyday users to access their own information and perform in-depth analysis of real-time information in their web browsers. Available reports allow end users to get answers on demand and customize their queries so that they easily can access the information needed. Information is presented at management level, but can also be interactively drilled down and explored at the detailed level as needed.


Client Delivery

When setting up project client delivery; formats and frequencies are specified. These are then configured in the system and deliveries can commence accordingly. Sharecat allows for dynamic hand over to operations when needed rather than a major hand over at the end of a project.