Many operators experience that a lack of information challenge the ability to run their asset efficiently. Most operators also experience how tough it can be, to fill the information gaps. Sharecat offers a program that deals with this problem. It captures all available information from various systems (including paper based archives) and makes it available in a structured way. This also prepares the ground for the powerful auto recognition features in the system, to bring validated information from the catalogue to fill missing gaps.

Step 1: Analyzing the existing information
Through a standard methodology, we can offer a health check of your system where most of the analyzing work is done through automated processes. After a few interviews, we are able to present a plan for improvement with various options.

Step 2: Capture and improve
A typical asset will normally take 6-12 months to improve due to the various steps that every asset needs to go through. This includes the capturing of all data sources, scanning and structuring of manuals, detailed search for missing ordering codes, punching bill of materials and capturing data from supply chain when the equipment is not present in the catalogue. It is possible to cleanup several or all assets in parallel, as well.

Step 3: Deliver
There are several options of delivery. Some operators prefer all data and documents to be delivered to their own systems like ERP systems, document systems and data warehouses. Some operators, however, choose to only import the main data to ERP systems and leave the detailed information in Sharecat to be maintained there. This information can be made available from various systems by standard hyperlinks. We do recommend that the system is used to quality assure data and documents from modifications projects, so that the asset information stays clean and accurate.