The purpose of the catalogue is to speed up any processes involving equipment data and documentation by re-using as much information as possible from project to project and company to company. By introducing the use of pre-approved information early in engineering/procurement activities, many tasks related to handling and approval of documents and data is no longer necessary. The information is established in close cooperation with the equipment vendor and is therefore more accurate and complete than information captured through multiple layers of package vendors and contractors

Equipment identification
The catalogue contains a powerful technology that recognises manufacturer’s names, ordering codes and automatically report misspelling. This is the backbone of any cataloguing activity and makes it possible to identify new materials in ERP systems automatically.

Equipment documentation
The documentation stored in the catalogue is original manufacturer’s documentation without project notifications. This is typically Installation, operation and maintenance procedures, drawings, ex-certificates, product description and ordering information.

Equipment data
The catalogue contains data necessary for engineering and operation. It is organised through a class library developed over the years and has formed input to international standards like ISO15926.

The data is available as properties in the catalogue but is also used to create material master data in ERP systems.