Technology and Integration

Over the years, Sharecat has developed interfaces to the most popular systems in our industry. The integration varies per customer, but through all these integrations, a best practise has evolved. Our solution is highly flexible, due to the way we store data, and mass updates are easy to do if there is a need for a new structure.

Data scope
For ERP systems we can offer automated updates of Equipment data, Functional location, Bill of material, Material master data, MRP data, documents, and more. Working as an integrated solution, data can be delivered automatically as the project evolves, thus there is no need for massive updates in the handover phase.

For document systems we offer automated deliveries of documents including meta data and document links to any object desired.

For data warehouse systems we can offer classification schemes, tag registers, equipment data, hyperlinks and more.

Through our Enterprise Application Integration we can utilize several protocols, interfaces and APIs such as SOAP XML, Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), FTP/SFTP, RPC, MSMQ, shared database and more, to ensure B2B data integration and single-sign-on either directly with our clients through federation or through a third party mediation service.

Our services are built on the Microsoft VB and .NET/C# platform, running on Microsoft Servers deployed on VMWare using Cisco servers and EMC storage solutions.