Cost efficient client deliveries with supplier control

Meeting Technical Information requirements from customers in the oil & gas industry is challenging while attempting to meet requirements from your suppliers and potential partners. This puts you in a difficult position between your customers and your suppliers. The efforts and costs related to the delivery of your product documentation are therefore significant and may lock up resources for few deliveries. The impact of this on your competitive position and profitability can be significant. SHAREcat provides you with one shared solution for your team, your customer and your suppliers. It reduces effort, overhead and speeds up review processes as well as giving you full control and visibility of the delivery process. SHAREcat has the ability to collect, validate and seamlessly deliver any technical information making the required information available when needed. It is implemented with minimal impact on existing work processes and without replacing existing IT systems.

Meeting customer requirements

You meet requirements from different clients with regards to designs and information delivery requirements. This traditionally drives cost related to building the required information content. Information consists of documents/data produced by your own organization/processes and information delivered by your suppliers. SHAREcat will allow you to configure information structures according to your clients requirements, without spending un-necessary time and cost. It will also allow you to efficiently set up and manage information requirements to your supply chain in a way that reduces effort in your own and your clients organization.

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Review and Delivery

New customer deliveries typically require information to be updated/re-formatted to meet their requirements. This is due to lack of standardization of information requirements within and across industries. This results in repeat deliveries mixed with information that is new compared to previous deliveries. All the information needs to be gathered, validated, structured and delivered according to each clients requirements.

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Re-use of documentation

Many of your deliveries will consist of information that is already part of your previous deliverables. Due to different customer delivery requirements you still have to update the information according to requirements from each client/project. You can use SHAREcat to build a document archive, available to you on every new customer delivery. SHAREcat can also hold your equipment information structure, which will allow you to organize the information in a way that makes it easy to re-use as part of any customer delivery. This will save a significant amount of information management re-work

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