Review and Delivery

New customer deliveries typically require information to be updated/re-formatted to meet their requirements. This is due to lack of standardization of information requirements within and across industries. This results in repeat deliveries mixed with information that is new compared to previous deliveries. All the information needs to be gathered, validated, structured and delivered according to each clients requirements.

SHAREcat provide you with robust functionality related to configuration of information structures and information reviews. This is done through easy to use excel templates. As information is posted by the originator (internal/external) workflows are triggered automatically which are easy to monitor and manage. Workflows can be configured differently for management of new information and information that that is repeated from previous deliveries. When information is complete it can be released for handover to customer directly from SHAREcat or through deliveries that are configured according to client requirements. All of this contributes to a significant reduction in information management costs.